Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Who we are

We are Pointer Group Ltd, and we create productive lives through connecting people with spaces, designing
efficient storage solutions and manufacturing smart planning products.

Our Personality

Empathetic – We develop products and processes that save precious time.
Expert – We have decades of experience in producing intelligent and effective products.
Straightforward – We avoid jargon. And nonsense. And complications. Full stop.
Resourceful – We always find quick and clever ways to overcome any challenge.
Enthusiastic – We always strive for the brightest ideas and market-leading solutions.

Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Pointer Group Ltd are committed to ensuring that we conduct our business responsibly and in an ethical
manner. Our CSR policy refers to our responsibility towards our staff, suppliers, community, and the

Our staff

We understand the importance of our people to our business, and we are committed to ensuring that we
provide a good working environment with the aim of recruiting and training the best people, recognising their
achievements, and rewarding their efforts.

Examples of measures we have in place to achieve this aim are:

  • Full subscription to a Health & Safety advisory service to support our Health & Safety officer in making
    sure that the work environment is safe, well managed and in good order at all times.
  • Regular staff training sessions are incorporated into schedules each year, dependent on team and
    legislative requirements.
  • Quarterly staff appraisals are held and personal development targets agreed as appropriate
    depending on the team members role and level of responsibility.
  • Full team Meetings are held at regular intervals, chaired by a Director and supported by all department
    managers. Team updates, product updates and progress against company targets are all discussed
    and shared right across the team.
  • Full team event and training days.
  • All staff are paid well above the National Living Wage and have the option of paying into a company
    pension scheme if they desire.
  • Staff breakout areas provide for staff refreshments, including full kitchen, BBQ, instant boiling
    water/filtered water and fresh ground coffee machines.
  • Air conditioning throughout the offices and factory

Our suppliers

We’re committed to maintaining high standards across our supply chain. We ensure that our suppliers abide
by our Suppliers Code of Conduct which ensures that our suppliers have appropriate policies and procedures
in place across their supply chains to demonstrate compliance with:
1. workforce issues;
2. data protection and information security;
3. environmental responsibility;
4. anti-bribery, corruption and fraud;
5. anti-tax evasion;
6. anti-money laundering; and
7. fair business practices.

Our community

We recognise that we play an important role in our local communities and we aim to make the communities
in which we operate better places, by:

  • making regular charitable donations to multiple national charities
  • supporting local charities, including by providing staff participation in volunteering days to the Rapid
    Relief Teams in Leeds, Northampton and Andover.

Protecting the environment

We’re committed to reducing the impact that our business activities may have on the environment. As a

  • Manufacturing processes are designed to minimise waste
  • Waste material is recycled wherever possible
  • All waste streams are carefully monitored and sorted to reduce mixed waste being sent to general
  • We purchase environmentally friendly / sustainably sourced materials
  • Our premises are modern and energy efficient incorporating LED lighting and PIR’s
  • Encourage greener transport by doing any of the following:
    • Encourage staff to walk, cycle, car share or use public transport to get to work if possible.
    • Provide electric vehicles for company use where mileage and range makes this feasible.

Changes to this policy

The development and implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the Board of Directors